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A Special Kind Of Double (Rib Tattoo)


Sisters get matching white lily tattoos.

By Hania

Tattoo Mailbag: The cool sound of tattoos

“One of the delights of summer in our northern clime is the uncovering of our bodies, to the extent that would make a Taliban blush.

Long-sleeved shirts and heavy coats are ripped from limbs to display, among the exuberant flesh, the year’s crop of fresh tattoos.

No doubt many of these tattoos have been around for a while. But each summer, as I patrol the city streets, I am surprised anew at the latest palette of inky designs paraded along all the fashionable places, broiling in the summer’s heat.

No longer are tattoos the emblems of a caste of prisoners, gangs, soldiers or sailors. No longer, either, are they just for the rugged or the marginalized.

Like male ear-studs, tattoos today have leaped across the gender divide and achieved the demure state of being simply decorative.

In other words, intricate Russian mafia designs aside, tattoos are now just plain normal.”

Read: The cool sound of tattoos – CBC

Babypin (Leg Tattoo)

“Babypin” is a nickname for a friend.. who was also friends with Peter. The nickname is embedded in with the safety pin, along with other sparkles to jazz it up.

By Peter Belej.

Guest Artist this Weekend: Ed

Another guest artist arrives this weekend. Ed was born in Havana, Cuba, and since a teenager he had a strong interest in tattooing, which after he left the island became a new found love. He’s mostly self taught and has been tattooing since the early 1990s.

His career began in Miami, FL, then moved to Mexico where he stayed for the next 20 years. There he owned and operated three tattoo shops over the years.

He enjoys tattooing almost everything – from the smallest piece to large scale work, and his favourite style is nice, clean, bold, and bright.

Stop into the studio to get some work done with Ed or give us a call to book an appointment. He will only be around this Saturday & Sunday!

Work in Progress: Heart with Wings Cover Up (Lower Back Tattoo)

This heart with wings was originally done a while back by another artist. Yovany, as seen above, was able to outline what he was going to change and applied a realistic heart with colour, new wings, and will come back to complete the tattoo with colour.

By Yovany Cabanas.

Guest Artist this Week: Meen

In case you haven’t been by the studio, we’ve had a new guest artist in this whole week, providing some great tattoo designs for client appointments and walk-ins.

Meen was born in South Korea and has been drawing since he “remembers himself”. He has a big influence from Asian art, and feels that Asian style tattoos comes very natural to him. He also prefers doing different and unique tattoos, and in the last 6 years has been working as a tattoo artist in different places in the world.

Learning his skill from his tattoo master in Thailand, he’s studied tattoos with him for over a year. He began working in shops in Thailand and Korea. After four years he moved to Sydney, Australia where he tattooed for a period of time. He enjoys traveling the world and just came back from India.

There is nothing that makes me more happy then to see someone excited from a tattoo i made.

Call us at the studio or drop by to have a tattoo done by him this week.

Tattoo Mailbag: Mum Kim Mordue uses dead son’s ashes in tattoo

“Kim Mordue had 20-year-old Lloyd’s remains mixed with ink that was etched into three designs on her back.

The 50-year-old said: ‘I’ve put Lloyd back where he started – he’s in my body again. As soon as I knew it was possible, I wanted to have the ashes tattoos as a tribute to Lloyd.’

The designs, by her tattoo artist husband, David, show a cabala tree, an angel releasing a butterfly and a poem.

Promising rugby player Lloyd, of Llanelli, south Wales, collapsed during a night out in 2007. An inquest heard he had taken the party drug GHB.”

Read: Mum Kim Mordue uses dead son’s ashes in tattoo – Metro

Carla, Mon Cherie (Upper Arm Tattoo)


“Carla” is the client’s wife of 25 years and got it as a surprise gift for her. This traditional tattoo was done by Hania, who all of the client’s family go to for all their tattoos.

By Hania.

OMG Sonic the Hedgehog! (Arm Tattoo)


Client was friends with one of Peter’s other clients that had a Megaman tattoo, but was looking for something a little different. He went ahead and had Peter do a tattoo of Sonic the Hedgehog.

By Peter Belej.

Cherry Blossom (Back Tattoo)

Pictured above – Yovany’s freehand drawing of a cherry blossom tree. The Celtic knot was also previously done by Yovany.

By Yovany Cabanas.

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